Today’s office environment has become a cubicle jungle teeming with annoying archetypes. From the Chick Who Shrieks Into the Phone Like a Deranged Hearing Impaired Hyena, to the Dude Who Leaves Food in the Refrigerator That Evolves into a Sentient Fungal Life Form, to the Guy Who Forwards 18,000 Emails a Day That Contain Nothing But Inspirational Chain Letters and Photos of Adorable Baby Animals.

Yet of the countless office offenders, there are few more despised than the Bathroom Talker. Picture it like this: you’re in that most holiest of places, the restroom, enjoying the peace and tranquility that comes only when you commune with the porcelain altar. When all of a sudden, someone starts talking to you about – wait for it – work! That’s right, this train wreck of a human being has the gumption to actually try and take care of business while you’re trying to take care of biz-nass!

If it sounds too farfetched to believe, we can assure you, this is something that the two of us have been the victims of at one time or another. We’ve also both seen people at work actually carry out entire cell phone conversations while sitting in a stall taking the Browns to the Superbowl, which you kind of have to admire as an act of workplace productivity, if not a sure fire way to lose an iPhone and get E. coli poisoning.

Which is why we thought we’d try and unclog the truth behind Bathroom Talkers in this week’s comic. So the next time you’re sitting down in the little boy’s or girl’s room at your office, remember this helpful rule of thumb/bumb: Silence is a virtue and you can’t finish a job without doing a little paper work.

Thanks for reading!

-Pol & Adam