The company microwave. Every office has one, its insides crusted with stalagmites of decades old cream of broccoli soup and irradiated Chernobyl-style tuna casserole. Eventually, some poor schmuck works up the courage to try and clean it. A futile gesture, of course, since it’s only a matter of time until someone’s Hot Pocket explodes in there like a cheese and pepperoni filled grenade.

Having spattered more than our fair share of company microwaves with our leftovers, we thought it would make a great topic for this week’s HUMAN/NATURE. With that in mind, might we suggest printing out a copy of the comic and hanging it above your own company microwave. After all,  if you and your reheated chicken Kiev aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
Thanks for reading!
-Pol & Adam